A 2+ year travel itinerary: why I’m glad we went travelling now, not later

We used to do all of it the full time.

I’d scroll through my newsfeed and also have to bite down a rising sense of envy as I saw that a different one of my old school buddies had removed on some type of once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure – and sometimes even simply an unbelievable, sun-soaked two-week getaway.

I’d reason why I’d get next year. I had a lot of happening. I possibly couldn’t manage it.

Since when we think about it, it really is so easy to procrastinate and put travel off to the following month. The following year. We’ve all got our own stuff going on, right?

Of course, there are several real, practical reasoned explanations why travelling may possibly not be simple for you right now. However if you’re simply feeling indecisive about using that leap, today I’m likely to make the case for travel being your concern, making use of myself being a example and sharing my 2+ year travel itinerary to (hopefully) motivate you!

America road journey – 8/12/15 – 03/03/16 (3 months)

We stored like crazy, we planned every information, then on the 8th December we shot to popularity.

Our first location ended up being nyc, for 2 reasons: a.) begin with a bang, right? b.) I knew we wouldn’t be able to manage to celebrate only at in the future! Over 3 months, we took within the following towns and cities:

  • Boston
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington DC
  • Houston, Texas (to visit family over Christmas time)
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Breckenridge, Colorado

  • Salt Lake City
  • Jackson Hole
  • Yellowstone

  • Utah, Nevada and nationwide Parks – Bryce, Zion, Joshua Tree, Death Valley and Grand Canyon

  • Temecula
  • Sacramento
  • Hillcrest
  • LA
  • San Francisco Bay Area

  • Portland
  • Redwoods Nationwide Park

Vancouver – 2 months (March 16 – May 16)

Exhausted after three months of switching up towns every couple of days, we hopped on the Amtrak train and allow it take united states ambling into Vancouver. We spent another couple of weeks surviving in Kitsilano, getting to know the city, skiing in Whistler and making a plan for summer time.

Summer of volunteering – a couple of months (might 16 – August 16)

We chose to invest the summer WWOOFING (willing workers on natural farms) around the province of British Columbia. If you’re not really acquainted with WWOOFING, it is a work trade programme – you benefit 5-6 hours every day in return for free food and accommodation. I went from waitressing at a guest lodge to plucking a chicken and resting in a barn close to crates of garlic.

It appeared like the easiest method to notice a little bit of the “real” Canada while pushing outside our convenience zones and stretch your budget at exactly the same time. Here’s a rough outline of what we did.

  • Sunshine Coast – Ruby Lake Resort. This is usually a gorgeous little lodge, and we had our own small “WWOOFER house” with great friends we made. We dug veggie beds, planted potatoes, washed cabins and I also helped out with waitressing into the restaurant. Every single day after work we went along to the lake and hung away, went paddle-boarding or swung in the rope move!
  • Squamish – Paradise Produce. We lived by having a fascinating couple called Ian and Claudia in the home they built through the ground up. We were entirely immersed in a organic, sustainable life style. We worked in the garden, helped down aided by the goats and polished lumber because of their cutting board company.
  • Williams Lake – The Belle Health Centre. Up in the great outdoors and gorgeous Cariboo, we spent fourteen days foraging in the forests for medicinal natural herbs, making walkways the plants and getting to learn our hosts.
  • Kelowna – Sunridge Farm. Within the blazing sunshine, we picked pounds and pounds of blueberries by time and offered them by the medial side associated with road into the afternoon. We also harvested and hand-washed huge number of garlic minds, which we then camped next to in the barn.
  • Qualicum Beach (Vancouver Island) – Seabreeze Acres. Staying in a cute small barn, we assisted down aided by the running of the fruit and veg farm. Mornings consisted of feeding the pets (pigs, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys…) as well as in the afternoons I picked raspberries, strawberries, peas, and potatoes. The highlight? The 8 puppies I helped look after for the a couple of weeks.
  • Duncan (Vancouver Island) – Wilder Farms. We camped beneath the stars in sprawling backyard of Robin and Caleb (not to mention their 1-year old, Benji). This was a striking farm, especially soon after we attacked it with your severe weeding skills for a week.

Staying in Vancouver – one year (August 16 – August 17)

Dirty, tired but tanned after a summer of working outside, we were a lot more than prepared to return to civilisation for a bit. We intend to are now living in Vancouver for the complete 12 months to essentially experience living in Canada (and of course make use of the beach, the ski hills, the hikes… essentially every thing Vancouver provides). While right here, I’d like to conquer towards Island once more, and maybe even spend weekly inside Yukon to get those north Lights.

We’ve rented an apartment in Kits, and even though Phil works inside cafe, I’ve adopted freelance composing full-time again. it is a sweet life.

Singapore (December 16)

We invested weekly in Singapore in December. We checked out the Gardens by the Bay, possessed a beverage in the Marina Bay Sands, shopped on Orchard Road and ate lots of food from hawker centers. We were super-impressed with all the sustainable and forward-thinking eyesight of Singapore.


We went house for Christmas time, and visited Surrey, London, the Midlands and Edinburgh to pack in as many individuals and festive good times as you are able to. It absolutely was glorious.

Iceland (August 17)

In August, we’ll be making Vancouver and again traveling home toward UK for the wedding. On route straight back out to Canada, we’re likely to do an extended Iceland trip. This will be among my absolute bucket-list nations, therefore I’m already excited.

East Coast (August 17 – March 18)

After Iceland, we’ll fly to your east coast of Canada the remainder of our 2-year Canadian visa. We’ll be consuming Toronto, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.

Asia – three months (TBC)

Soon after we bid farewell to Canada, it’s time for the backpacking journey around Asia. This hasn’t also reached planning phases yet, but some locations we positively wish to hit are Japan, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines.

Australia/NZ (TBC)

After backpacking, we’re planning to round off our trip in Australia and brand new Zealand. Phew!

We’ve enjoyed our travels to date, and here you will find the primary 8 reasons I’m so glad we went as soon as we did, instead of placing it well.

  • We get the maximum benefit from visa implications

Some visas have actually age restrictions, therefore travelling now means we don’t need to worry way too much about timings.

  • I possibly could simply take my work beside me

When I went travelling I’d simply gone freelance, therefore while I happened to be busy, I didn’t need to let plenty of individuals down when I shot to popularity.

  • I’m travelling while i’ve no responsibilities

I’m not saying you can’t travel if you have responsibilities as a result of course, it is possible to, but also for united states, it was the best time: no children, no home loan, no pets.

  • The kick up the bum I needed

The largest fantasy I’ve ever endured in my own life is always to write a book, but I’ve constantly stalled somewhere along the way. Travelling, and all sorts of associated with amazing, inspiring things I’ve seen along the way, was just what we needed seriously to complete that very first draft.

We don’t have a time limit on travelling, so we’ve been able to test lots of different travel styles and never having to select one. Luxurious resort hotels, city-hopping, farm-life…

  • I’m learning a great deal to take ahead beside me

I’m glad I’m travelling during this period in my life because I’m learning a great deal to take forward with me. I would personallyn’t end up being the individual i’m now without travel, and I enjoy exactly what I’m becoming.

  • Right before all my friends get married

I’m 26 – next several years, countless my buddies are going to be marriage and having infants. Travelling now means I’ll be back in time for many of this!

  • We arrive at travel with my best friend

Phil and I also were lucky that individuals were for a passing fancy page with this itchy foot and wanderlust. Packing it all in and going travelling is among the most useful choices we’ve made as a couple.

Are you currently planning on going travelling? are you currently placing it well? What’s holding you straight back? Let us know in the remarks!