An adventurous weekend in Wales because of the Vauxhall Mokka X

Last week-end I became set probably one of the most awesome challenges I’ve ever been set the Travel Hack. The inventors at Vauxhall sent me this new Mokka X and challenged me to observe adventurous I could maintain 48 hours.

it is times such as this I really love being fully a writer!

I decided to stay local for my adventure and stay glued to Wales. This past year was the ‘Year of Adventure’ in Wales therefore it seemed fitting. I headed to Snowdonia nationwide Park which, in my opinion, is amongst the most useful places on the planet for the road trip. Those curving roadways and dramatic scenery are simply stunning plus it’s hard to drive for longer than ten full minutes without attempting to pull over and consume the views – and of a billion pictures if you are with me!

In the beginning Saturday early morning, Sam and I also dropped the men off making use of their grand-parents, packed up the automobile and trigger on our adventure. Our firsts stop will be Mount Snowdon, the greatest hill in Wales at 1,085 meters.

We were prepared, the car was ready, Wales was ready…but the current weather definitely ended up beingn’t ready.

It absolutely was pouring straight down by having a constant stream of lashing rain and bitter winds.

We made a brief take a look at Conwy Falls in Betws-y-Coed ahead of the climate got the better people.

There was clearly only 1 thing for this; find a cosy spot to hide away and drink our personal weight in tea.

#EpicFail on the adventurous challenge front!

Nonetheless it resolved well because once we’d had our 2nd morning meal and second round of tea and dessert the rainfall had passed away together with adventure could begin.

The moment we saw the first ray of sunlight we jumped back the vehicle and drove to Pen-y-Pass where we started our walk.

We decided to take the Pyg Track up Snowdon. It’s the quickest path to the summit of Snowdon at 5.5km as well as an 800m decent. It’sn’t the best way up because it’s high and rocky nonetheless it has several of the most amazing views. And when you’re relatively fit you can do it quite quickly too. At this time we were pretty confident inside our physical fitness levels so we optimistically thought we’d be along in about 3 hours. [Insert crying while laughing emoji face! ? ]

We started well, keeping up good pace while having a lot of stops for photos. Walkers who had already caused it to be on top and were on their way back down began moving united states in the other way. They seemed exhausted because they puffed and panted with red faces, sweaty brows and soaking clothes.

I smiled smugly as I skipped ahead thinking how unfit these other folks needs to be. Consider me, hopping up the hill with the power in the world. I’ven’t exercised for over 2 yrs – I’ve hardly done a thing since I got pregnant with George – but i need to you should be naturally therefore healthy. I became chatting away to Sam as he heaved along such as for instance a grizzly bear behind me personally (he had been nevertheless recovering from guy Flu/a hangover so he had been putting his not enough physical fitness down seriously to that) when I optimistically estimated we’d achieve the summit inside an hour.

Fast forward one hour so we were still just half means there. I became rasping for air like Darth Vader and ended up being using any opportunity to stop and sleep that I could.

‘Oh appearance, a seagull! Let’s end and simply take photos.’

‘i believe somebody is approaching in distance, we should stop here and let them pass. Yes, they’re about five full minutes away but this is a excellent moving destination!’

In all honesty, the walk up had beenn’t too bad. Those epic views actually keep you motivated and the looked at standing on the summit and overlooking Wales makes you keep going.

Before you reach the cloud that is while realise you’re not gonna see a thing through the top!

There will be something mystical about walking through the fog and now we finally reached the summit with massive smiles on our faces. OK, we couldn’t really see not that feeling of achievement is amazing. And I’ve reached admit, the impression that you won’t need to rise over another stone is decent too.

We’d a quick sleep for eating our treats and get our breathing and just above us we spotted a guy bending down onto one knee. My initial idea ended up being he was going to distribute and then we realised he was proposing!

“He’s proposing!” I squealed and everybody else around us considered look and started cheering because the happy lady said yes.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve climbed up Snowdon and I’d totally forgotten your decent might be as difficult, if not harder, that the accent. We felt my knees crunch with each action as my weary feet struggled to jump from stone to stone. You don’t have a similar motivation getting straight down while you do to get right up and I actually just wanted you to definitely choose me personally up and carry me personally down.

We took the Miners Track on your way down, an extended track however it’s flatter so that it’s a bit easier in your joints (how old does that make me sound!) plus it’s nice to see the different scenery to your way up. The path takes you past a few lakes and back once again to exactly the same carpark at Pen-y-Pass.

We’d left a package of French Fancies in vehicle and this had been genuinely all i really could consider with each step. We invested about 50 % an hour emphasizing which color French Fancie I’d eat first! We finally managed to make it towards bottom while the sense of solid, flat tarmac beneath my feet was pure bliss.

We feasted on all snacks we’d (stupidly!) left in the car and instantly forgot just how difficult that had been.

Time 2: Zip World, Betws-y-Coed and Porthmadog

(I don’t have any photos from Zip World, it is all video so scroll back up and watch the video clip in the event that you haen’t seen it yet!)

These time I became up at 5am for the adventure I happened to be types of terrified about.

I happened to be heading to Zip World to have Velocity, the longest zip line in Europe and also the fastest zip line on the planet. The world! The zip line has ended a vintage slate mine so that the scenery is dramatic and tough and ideal for such an adventure.

I drove there with my heart thudding within my lips as I imagined just what it could feel like to soar through air at 115mph. I became driving at 70mph and that experienced fast, i possibly couldn’t even begin to think exactly what this might be like.

I drove over the shore to Zip World and watched the sunrise throughout the sea. I like this time around of early morning as soon as the sky is all pinky and soft and beautiful. it is very nearly worth getting out of bed at 5am each and every day for! Very Nearly.

Making use of Apple CarPlay I’d my phone hooked up to the car’s speakers and the very courteous gentleman from Google Maps ended up being directing me. And then he began repeating the dreaded terms, ‘You reach your destination’. We start slowing down, panicking as my eyes dart between the houses that surround me. Unless I’ve got this really wrong, I’m absolutely in the exact middle of a housing estate and definitely not at a vintage slate quarry.

A quick u-turn plus some more panicking as I glanced within clock and realised I needed to be there in ten minutes! When I spotted 3 cars in a convoy full of teenagers who all seemed really excited. It was 6.45am and there is only one place they could be going! I happened to be already lost and had nil to lose therefore joined their convoy and expected the greatest!

Thankfully, my dangerous stalking paid and 10 minutes later on we pulled in to the Zip World carpark.

We had been kitted up and given a security briefing before walking around 1st zip wire. This was the largest and scariest zip wire I had ever seen before in my life and I also could hear my heart pounding in my own ears as I looked down the thin wire and in to the distance. I happened to be terrified and also this wasn’t perhaps the proper one! You begin off through getting your self-confidence for a infant cable that’s just a small fraction regarding the size associated with the genuine deal. I do believe this is certainly and that means you don’t panic on big one!

This warmup zip cable session did the secret and banished any nerves or thoughts that this could be scary. It absolutely wasn’t frightening at all!

okay, I’d be lying if I said I happened to ben’t feeling the nerves when I lay suspended in mid-air waiting to be released down the zip wire. The establish and anticipation as you are very carefully strapped towards cable while you dangle freely over the epic drop below actually little tense however don’t have enough time to consider it.

The inventors double check your harness and give you a 3 2nd count down before they discharge the clasps and you’re let drop. You start down fairly gradually ahead of the weights and momentum take over and you are soaring through atmosphere getting faster and faster as you approach a vertical fall that leaves you suspended over a massive blue lake.

It was just the absolute most incredible feeling. We felt like I happened to be traveling, although not within an unmanageable way, really safe and sound method. My cheeks filled up with air and wobbled and my eyes streamed and my brain went completely blank. It in fact was a minute of absolute pure joy!

With regards to had been over we returned to the vehicle like I became on springs. I became simply therefore excited and filled with adrenaline when I relived as soon as over repeatedly in my own brain.

We left ZipWorld without even knowing where I happened to be going. I happened to be on this kind of high plus it was still so early. The roadways had been peaceful, sunlight was beaming, the skies had been blue and I also was at the mood for long drive through the countryside. I place the windows down and turned the music up noisy when I had myself an automobile karaoke session through Snowdonia.

I wound up in Betws-y-Coed, my favourite small town. I had a walk around, got myself some seafood and potato chips that we ate beside the river. I soaked up sunlight and left just like the town ended up being getting busy with tourists who have been lured out by the March sunshine.

I happened to ben’t quite ready for the adventure to get rid of therefore I made my solution to Porthmadog, a seaside city having stunning coastline. That isn’t precisely a sunbathing beach however it’s the kind of destination you choose a quick spring stroll to blow away the winter cobwebs. In addition they had been well and certainly blown away!

Once more I happened to be right back on the highway as I made the beautiful journey home.

The Vauxhall Mokka X

The Vauxhall Mokka X is a superb automobile for the road trip. it is lovely to drive but it’s the little features making it brilliant for road tripping. There’s Apple CarPlay which allows one to effortlessly link your iPhone to your display screen and speakers in the automobile so that it’s really easy to get up maps and take handsfree phone calls. But, most of all, it is very easy to play your road trip playlist as complete volume using the windows open therefore the wind within hair.

The vehicle also has OnStar that is amazing. It gives you a WiFi hotspot for up to 7 devices, lets you talk with an operator on easy press of the key – great for minor emergencies like needing to know in which the nearest petrol station is! Additionally has an SOS switch which you’d hope you’d never need to make use of but is actually a life saver for the big emergencies.

An adviser can straight away detect your location to discover just what elements of the automobile have been impacted. They could then deliver crisis solutions towards location after advising them regarding the information they have regarding the automobile. OnStar brings with it automated crash reaction and it is capable contact you throughout your car to see if you’re OK. Should they get no reaction, they will straight away deliver crisis services towards location. Pretty awesome, right!?

Massive because of Vauxhall if you are the perfect wheels for my Snowdonia road trip!