Packing strategies for a week-end break

I’m extremely excited today to involve some packaging guidelines from the packaging legend, Alex from Travel Fashion woman. Alex has provided the woman top recommendations whenever packing for saturday and sunday.


Packing for a fun filled week-end getaway should really be fast and simple, right?

Regrettably, it is not necessarily that easy. If you are traveling on a budget airline, you have to cope with their strict baggage policies. Here are some tips on how to pack for the 7kg weekend getaway.
Purchase light baggage

To start, you understand those big cumbersome carry-ons you have actually tucked away in the back of your closet? Keep them there. Though they might recreate fond memories of your past travels, it’s most readily useful when they stay in the past. Your personal future is all about feather light luggage. When your carryon case weighs only 2kg it still leaves you 5kg for your possessions.

Note from Monica: The Travel Hack suitcase will be available to obtain mid-August (if all would go to plan!) It’s a lightweight instance and size at 55x 40x 20cm so it’s designed to fit all major airline hand baggage requirements! It’s as large as it are able to be and never have to worry it’s likely to be too big.

Another note from Monica (sorry to keep butting in here!): For most UK airlines there isn’t any weight restriction readily available luggage or it is very very not likely they’ll consider your instance. The actual only real requirement is normally that one may lift your situation into the overhead storage space regarding plane.

Wear a couple of jeans it is possible to reuse

With one pair of jeans in a classic hue, you’ll develop a selection of clothes. This means all you need to do is pack four tops and a pair (or two) of shoes and you’re all set the weekend.

Note from Monica: The jeans I’m using in these pictures had been from Primark and cost £12. I definitely love them and I’ve scarcely taken them off since I bought them!

Keep bulky sweaters at home

In place of wanting to pack your large, knit sweaters, layer your shirts and use slim cardigans having a light jacket or coat. Into the summer you may want to make use of a key up chambray or denim top for light protection as well as deploying it as shirt.


Pack a coat you can restyle

Go with a basic jacket to wear over many different tops which means you don’t need certainly to pack several. But how about color? That is actually your decision, but we suggest more basic colors like tan, brown, black colored or white.

Denim coats are superb for summer while fabric jackets work could work for very early autumn and late spring. Don’t forget a vintage trench with regards to cools down and then a hot, basic layer in cold weather.

Bring a neck warmer gaiter

In place of using a lengthy scarf, opt for a hot neck gaiter as an alternative. Save area on cold weather trips while staying warm. You may wear this on journey in the place of packing it within carryon.

Count on small travel containers to decrease toiletry fat

Forgot your commercial containers of shampoo, conditioner and makeup and instead use small reusable containers. These little guys are ideal for housing lower amounts of fluid and really cut down on the amount of weight put into your baggage. They’re specially ideal for things such as fluid foundation or concealer. You won’t desire a full-size bottle for a week-end trip.

Tip: find out if your accommodation provides basics such as for example shampoo and conditioner in order to avoid bringing them.


Pack lightweight clothing and wear your heavier pieces

Ever wonder why you see people traveling to cooler climates from the hot weather in warmer, cold weather clothes? It is because they’ve cleverly decided to wear their heavier pieces regarding plane instead of pack them within their baggage. This not just makes more space within carry-on for other items and helps keep your bag underneath the fat limit. Additionally, select  lightweight garments manufactured in travel-friendly materials to increase your area with less fat.


Don’t hesitate to pack your nicest underwear

Lace underwear is ultra-feminine but it packs light. If you wear thongs, these assistance lessen room, too. Every ounce matters whenever you’re wanting to pack with only 7kg.


Roll everything

A powerful way to maximize restricted space is through rolling your clothing in place of folding it. It will help you use an inferior carry-on that satisfies your airline’s luggage policies.

Material items within footwear

From underwear to socks, and toiletry items, material them into the shoes. You can make use of the exact same idea and pack clothing as a tiny packing cube to prepare and compress.

Use a baggage scale

Make space in your budget to get a electronic luggage scale. Weigh your bag before you decide to fly to make sure you don’t enter into trouble within sign in counter.

Note from Monica: or just use the bathroom scales!


Extra tips

  • Keep the hair dryer in the home and make use of the main one within hotel. Should they don’t offer one, get hold of a foldable travel-size style.
  • Don’t pack doubles of anyone thing. Including, don’t bring two sneakers, two flats, or two sandals. Just one single will suffice in the event that you look for a design that fits all of your clothes.
  • Miss out the travel size shampoo and conditioner, and make use of the main one given by your accommodation. You may also purchase it at the airport to beat those fat restrictions.
  • When you can manage, leave your laptop at home and use a tablet as an alternative. Or better, yet, take a electronic detoxification and then leave both in the home. It’s just a couple days, enjoy them!


Alexandra Jimenez shows ladies how exactly to pack light in an elegant, efficient way with Travel Fashion Girl’s carryon packing list guides. Initially from Los Angeles, she quit her corporate job in 2008 and has now since traveled and scuba dived her way around 45 countries.

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Postcards I’ll never send

One of my favourite bloggers is Love Taza and she writes a feature called Little Letters where she basically writes little letters to anyone and anything she has a little message for. It’s a simple idea and doesn’t sound that interesting but it’s one of my favourite features on her blog so I thought I’d…

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All you need to find out about your baby’s first flight

i am aware many people have really stressed about their baby’s first journey. I was therefore frightened initially we travelled with George and we only travelled to the Isles of Scilly! It took under one hour and Sam and I had been prepping because of it like we were flying to brand new Zealand with him!

Ever since then I have taken countless flights with my two boys (well we probably could count them but there’d be described as a lot to count!) George happens to be nearly 2.5 and Joseph is 8 months and they’ve had numerous flights among them.

A number of them have now been positively perfect routes in which both boys have actually either slept or sat quietly and been completely happy. Some of the flights happen awful in which they’ve cried or whinged from take off until landing. But each journey gets a little bit easier and I’d like to share everything I’ve discovered with you today.

Right here goes, right here’s all you need to find out about your baby’s very first trip from reserving it, from what to just take with you, boarding the airplane and feeding your infant. I have more methods for flying long haul having infant which concentrates more on the real trip than the scheduling and organising the journey.

Trying to get your baby’s passport is easy and quick

It is possible to read Char’s complete guide to obtaining your baby’s passport. I would suggest getting your child passport photos taken at Max Spielman. They’re not too expensive and they’re great and additionally they just about guarantee that it won’t be rejected.

When I sent applications for both of my boy’s passports we had them back in less than 2 weeks. I actually sent applications for Joseph’s within the xmas holidays and I also started using it back in 4 business days. I became amazed!

You don’t need to pay for their seat until they’re two

Your child can lay on your lap until they have been two so that you don’t must pay for their chair. You Are Doing should spend fees which often seem to exercise at about £30.

Reserving bulk head seats isn’t constantly the best option

It’s often suggested that you book bulk head seats whenever travelling having a infant, specially when you’re traveling long haul. This really is so you can put in a bassinet for your infant to settle. But we’ve discovered this really isn’t a fantastic option. Neither of our men would sleep in a bassinet anyway being in front associated with the plane is loud and bright. There’s normally a big TV display screen right above the bassinet and you have a lot of people walking previous and queueing alongside you as they wait for the toilet.

The ideal trip time is mostly about 2.5 hours

If you’re worried about traveling longterm you then really don’t must be! But, if for the first trip you want to keep it good, quick and simple then I’d recommend targeting a location about 2.5 hours away. We’ve discovered this is the concept time. You’ve got time to get settled, have a nap, have actually one thing for eating, play for a bit and it’s time for you to land!

You’re frequently allowed to check-in two pieces of ‘baby equipment’ for no extra expense

Most airlines will allow you to check-in a few things, and this is normally a car chair plus pushchair for many families. Or possibly a car seat plus travel cot.

BUT, if your pushchair folds away into two pieces then this is regarded as your a few things. So that the bulky travel systems in which the chair comes from the framework are embarrassing for air companies. I have seen some families placing their pushchairs in to a special case for travelling – I’m unsure exactly how this works when you’ve got two pieces neatly loaded into one case so you’d need to make sure with all the flight.

We constantly travel having lightweight umbrella stroller since it’s easier. I like the Maclaren pushchairs that completely recline.

Note: I’d always recommend taking yours carseat. I’ve hired one before therefore looked like it was about 50 yrs . old. When you are able just take your very own for no extra expense you may aswell.

You’re often allowed to just take one little bit of hand baggage for the baby

You’ll have a nappy case on board for the child. Most airlines specify it needs to be described as a small bit of hang luggage for infant so a cabin suitcase probably wouldn’t be accepted.

You’ll purchase a seat for your baby (nonetheless it’s a nightmare)

When George was nearly two we began investing in him to possess their own chair, despite the fact that he could have sat inside our laps. But only at that age he was too large to sit on our knees for long so that as we currently had Joseph it made feeling to own 3 seats involving the 4 folks.

I would recommend contacting your airline before you try this but we spent hours regarding phone to airlines looking to get it scheduled and also this is generally what happened.

When you’re scheduling online you have to just lie regarding the child’s age and say these are typically aged 2 so you can book a seat for them (a child under two won’t be allocated a seat and there’s no substitute for include one). But when you reach the airport you must inform an employee everything you’ve done this they could amend the booking. You’ll then be questioned at every point of safety about why you do have a seat for a son or daughter under 2. You will see more confusion when you make an effort to board. You will see much more confusion when you sit within seat. When you take off and land, the flight staff will insist your youngster sits on your lap but they can go over to their seat after the seatbelt signs be removed.

Don’t bother having a car seat on board

We bought a unique child car seat that was evidently approved for several air companies as it’s narrow sufficient the seats. We thought this could be safer while making George feel like he was into the automobile and may possibly drift off in. We got it regarding plane (following a significant questioning and much more confusion) and had everything strapped in but we were then told it was too large (even though it fitted perfectly). This is actually annoying because I’m sure a child could be safer in a car or truck chair!

You are able to simply take your pushchair all the way towards gate

Should your pushchair folds down into one then you can go all the way through security also to the gate. You frequently leave it because of the staff during the gate or you go completely on actions associated with plane and also you leave it on runway.

Your pushchair will be placed on the plane and comes out regarding oversized luggage carousel at other end.

Some air companies provide giant carrier bags for your pushchair but most don’t. A few of ours have already come out with some grubby markings on them.

You can simply take your baby’s fluids through security

It is possible to just take food, milk and water through safety, they’ll should just simply take them away to test them. At some airports they’ll only accept water if it is in an infant bottle. Most airports are good and can allow you to take a normal synthetic bottle of water but I’ve had it flourished me before, even if I’ve insisted the water ended up being for the infant.

You’re encouraged to board the plane very first you should board last

Families will always motivated to board first but I prefer to board final. You’re stuck on the plane for very long enough since it is!

There are usually soft play areas within the airport

Look out for the soft play areas to let your little one crawl/wriggle/roll off some power before you board

Most airports outside the UK permit you to fast-track through queues when you yourself have an infant

However the British is the worst place to be if you are queueing having infant!

If you are formula feeding

I’d recommend either using bottles of pre-made sealed formula or travelling with bottles of water and including the formula when you’re ready. I am aware that isn’t the ‘proper’ method to make-up bottles but we’ve never ever had an issue. You won’t be capable of geting boiling water on airplane but you’d be capable of geting boiling water from the Starbucks or other café before you decide to leave.

You are able to get warmed cow’s milk from coffee stores if you are travelling with older infants.

If you’re breastfeeding

Before flying to Barcelona with Joseph who was 10 weeks at that time, I became frantically Googling methods for breastfeeding for a airplane. We breastfed my eldest son too and ended up being completely comfortable feeding in public places but the considered breastfeeding on a airplane freaked me personally away. I was so nervous about being squished close to somebody who made me personally feel awkward or uncomfortable that We began to unnecessarily panic myself.

As it happens there aren’t many blogs about nursing on a plane and I believe’s because once you’ve done it you recognise it isn’t a big deal anyway. Actually, an airplane is among the most useful and simplest places to feed a baby and there’s really absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Obtain the window seat

I prefer the window chair because it’s the most personal as well as your child will have fewer distractions. Some females like the aisle chair so you’ve got some elbow space but you’ve got the problem of men and women bumping you as they walk past.

If you’re feeling stressed and you also’ve got the window chair you can simply turn towards the screen together with your back into another passengers and no one will see a thing.

Wear light levels

It’s my job to opt for a cami vest having light tshirt of the identical colour ahead. In the event that cami plus the tshirt are the same colour, individuals can’t even inform whenever you’ve lifted your tshirt around feed.

Have a scarf

We in fact hate wanting to hide with a scarf because it gets in the manner but i drape one over my neck as a form of sign that I’m breastfeeding and wish some privacy. Sometimes individuals don’t notice I’m feeding as well as come right up to take a look at the child and that’s actually embarrassing!

Make certain they’re tired and hungry at take off

This usually takes place obviously anyway because your infant will probably drift off during the journey toward airport and wake up as you arrive. Feed your infant when you arrive then make an effort to keep them awake until you board the plane. It’s usually an ideal amount of time for the infant to acquire a bit tired and hungry just eventually for takeoff.

Should your plane is delayed it can mess things up but i’ve been known to spend one hour singing nursery rhymes and bouncing a baby to help keep them awake before a flight!

Make sure you’ve eaten well before boarding

I’d constantly suggest consuming a big meal ahead of the journey. it is embarrassing wanting to juggle feeding an infant in such a small room without incorporating food and products in to the equation. Of course, many mums will dsicover it to be fine but, in my experience, it’s more straightforward to be safe than sorry regarding consuming! There’s nothing worse than breastfeeding hanger!

If you’d like most extra information about family travels, flying with kids and holiday ideas then consider us Travel Blog area.

A week-end with Forest vacations in Ardgartan Argyll, Scotland

A luxury vacation cabin on foot of dramatic, snow-capped mountains regarding shore of a serene and tranquil pond. Exactly what more might you desire in a calming end of the week?

Errrm….maybe a hot spa?

Peaceful walking tracks through woodlands and past trickling channels?

Your favourite takeaways like pizza or curry brought to your home?

Yea….that appears decent too!

This was what we got during our stick to Forest vacations in Ardgartan Argyll in Scotland.

We visited in February with Sam, our two males, George and Joseph, and our dog, Louie.

It had been those types of uncommon, relaxing weekends performing a lot of nothing and now we liked it.

We spent our days cooking and baking, watching Disney movies, building Lego towers, walking canine, drinking enormous mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows drifting on top, viewing the sun’s rays set behind the mountains, going for drives in the car along pretty roadways mainly because it seemed so beautiful, splashing in hot tub until we considered prunes and consuming Prosecco on deck of our cabin when the young ones had opted to bed.

It was most of the normal week-end material we could do at home but never do.

Whenever you’re in the home you will find chores and jobs and folks to see and places to get therefore much to do that these lovely relaxing week-end activities never happen.

Forest Holidays offer luxurious log cabins in nine places in britain in Forestry Commission woodland. There are a few different cabins to pick from, sleeping between 2 and 10 individuals, nevertheless they all have a similar feel. They’re spacious and homey, easy however with some luxury to ensure it’s a cushty stay. The woodland cabins are the spot to relax and charge together with your loved ones, whether that’s several friends, your loved ones or your partner for romantic escape.

The cabins tend to be more luxurious than glamping but they have a similar ‘back to nature’ kind of vibe. This is the type of spot where you want to pack your wellies and your bobble caps since it’s about the forest walks, bicycle rides, canoeing and horse riding. Or just soaking in your hot tub with a bottle of bubbles!

It was our 2nd time staying with Forest Holidays. In 2015 we remained at Sherwood Forest through the summer plus it had been a very different experience. Our very first journey had been all sunshine and flowers and ice creams and BBQs but this was all cosy blankets and steamy hot tubs.

I thought I’d choose the summer experience with Forest vacations but We honestly didn’t. These people were either lovely week-end breaks and thus different you mightn’t compare the 2. I actually do think the spa caused it to be more unique for the cold temperatures break. It had been magical sitting in the steaming bathtub with snow gently dropping all around us.

Forest Holidays is a good saturday and sunday if you’re travelling with children. The luxury cabins are spacious and be a straightforward home-from-home for little ones. The kitchens are fully prepared and possess everything required. There are lots of activities for the young ones too. They are able to run wild through the forest or join a Forest Ranger for guided nature walk. Larger children can take a woodland success course or perhaps you can uncover the woodland when the sun goes down having a ranger. And you may also take your dog therefore the whole family is included!

Basically had to pick a favourite location between Forest vacations in Ardgartan Argyll in Scotland and Sherwood Forest, I’d probably pick Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest had been more ‘in the woodland’ so it had a more magical feel. I loved experiencing like we had been into the depths associated with forests. The Ardgartan location is alongside a loch which can be similarly magical but, for me, the woodland victories.

In the event that you can’t decide which Forest Holidays location to go to I’d simply suggest visiting the one closest to home. Once you get to your cabin you feel a million kilometers from anywhere, even when you’re just one hour from home. If you’re enjoying a whole week then you may wish to get further at home because you’re got longer to explore the area. But if you’re going for a week-end you’ll most likely scarcely keep your cabin together with forest therefore save the drive!

Massive thanks to Forest Holidays for hosting our stay.

Find out more about Forest vacations here.

Check out my post from our last trip with Forest Holidays in Sherwood Forest.

10 photography apps you need for your travel photos

Did you see yesterday’s post about winning a Google Pixel Phone from EE? To celebrate EE’s recent announcement that all existing EE mobile pay monthly and pay as you go mobile customers can take their UK allowance abroad to 48 European destinations, they’ve given me a Pixel Phone by Google, featuring an amazing camera. So…

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The greatest family friendly festivals to just take the kids

Sam and I also are both firm believers that your life doesn’t need to alter when you’ve got children. Naturally, it will change plenty (for both the better while the worse!) you don’t must alter as being a person and also you don’t should stop doing the things you like.

One thing Sam and I also have constantly loved will probably festivals.

Since we went along to Leeds Festival in the past in 2004 we’ve been hooked (wow, which makes me seem REALLY old).

Since we have George and Joseph we can’t wait to start out planning to festivals with the young ones. We’re perhaps not gonna any this present year once we don’t want to camp until Joseph is resting slightly better. (He nevertheless wakes up once or twice every evening which child includes a strong pair of lungs on him so we’re planning to wait until he won’t get up the complete campsite together with his howls.)

But next summer time we’ve a few family friendly festivals on our wishlist…

Camp Bestival is set into the grounds of Lulworth Castle in Dorset plus they have activities for all from age 2 to 62! They’ve got areas for little young ones and big children, a toddler area as well as the pioneering Breastival Mother and Baby relax area for anybody who does take their baba! This year you’ll find the Insect Circus, Art Town where paint and glitter was the order for the day, the Kids’ Catwalk, fairground trips, facepainting plus smooth Play Tent and Sandpit

It’s additionally awesome they have a teenager’s area for 13-17 year olds.

Not to be confused with Burning guy Festival (which really doesn’t be seemingly family friendly event at all!) Green guy Festival into the Brecon Beacons is a event surrounded by hills, woodlands, waterfalls and streams. Exactly how idyllic!

There’s a ‘Little Folk’ area ‘packed with colourful creations and tree-swinging tykes’.

Blissfields Festival is the bizarre and it has a whole lineup of functions for children in the Angel Gardens. The dry paint battle and the Unicorn, Fox and Hare Lantern Parade sound like they are often the highlights in 2010!

We additionally love that Blissfields Festival provides a school leave of absence page for the kid’s school to describe just how academic the event are going to be.

I’ve gone to Festival Number 6 several times now and discovered it to be that family members friendly event. Set in the magical village of Portmeirion in Wales, this can be a gorgeous event. There are loads of children there and as it’s a ‘premium festival’ (basically, actually expensive so you don’t get any knobheads there!) and that means you don’t have that drunken vibe you have at most of the festivals.

In 2010 they’ve introduced the small Big Top Kid’s Cove for under 11’s.

The Big Feastival is all about music, food and household fun and is set on Alex James’ farm in Cotswolds (yes, that’s the bassist from Blur). There’s a fantastic music line-up but meals is the celebrity attraction right here. For the children, there’s guest appearances from Justin Fletcher, Dick and Dom and Paw Patrol. George would absolutely lose his head if Justin and Marshall were in identical room together!

Blue Dot festival is held in Jordrell Bank in Cheshire. It’s a geeky festival having a great line-up and ‘Family Encounters’ area guarantees the tiny ones are entertained. I think that one is more for older kids as there’s many learning how to be done while they learn how to fly and learn to harness the effectiveness of the wind.

Car-Fest is another Cheshire event held for Children in Need therefore assembled by Chris Evans. Now don’t allow the name place you down. Sam is wanting to convince me to go to this for a long time but I’d assumed it was a vehicle event therefore dismissed it immediately. Nonetheless it’s a lot more than simply cars and it is a magical mix of food, music, activity, the world’s biggest custard cake fight, plenty of family enjoyable and…yea..some cars too.

Which family friendly festivals do you want to see?

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How To Spend A Weekend In Porto

Tram in Porto

Porto was recently voted the best European destination for 2017 by travel experts from around the world. And having spent a weekend there last month it’s easy to see why. Porto is a delightful, small city filled with stunning architecture, a thriving foodie scene, beautiful bridges spanning the great Douro river and plenty of art…

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10 factors why Dubai is on my bucket list

Dubai is really a place who has always fascinated me however it wasn’t until recently it caused it to be onto my travel bucket list. Elle visited Dubai last summer time and her gorgeous pictures blew me away. It had been the comparison between your sleek and modern plus the more conventional part to your town that really caught my attention. Before this, I’d considered Dubai as a lot more of a stopover location but now I’m thinking it truly deserves any occasion of a unique!

The exotic and affluent city is defined by luxury and style but there’s also a cultural and adventurous part. Growing through the sands of this Arabian Desert and flourishing into one of the more modern and powerful towns and cities on earth, Dubai has all the components I look for in any occasion. It’s got the heat, the sun’s rays, the gorgeous hotels, endless dining options, great nightlife, gorgeous areas, adventurous tasks, stunning views and great shopping. Seriously, why have actuallyn’t I gone to Dubai yet!?

While might be amazed to know that Dubai actually gorgeous destination for the long weekender. Browse Elle’s sunday Itinerary for Dubai to see just what after all!

Travel Hack Suggestion: Dubai could be all luxurious and sleek, but holidays you can find surprisingly affordable for such high-end hotels. Take a good look at Dubai vacations for some motivation. I’ve got my eye on a unique deal to Atlantis The Palm! anyone has a special birthday approaching therefore it might be a good place to invest it…

(By some body, after all me. And also by ‘special birthday’ after all my 30th! Argh, that’s snuck on me personally!)

If you are still unsure, here are 10 reasons to get Dubai on your own bucket list.

# 1. For the wilderness adventures

I’ve been aware of people visiting Dubai rather than also looking at the wilderness. Just What!? This might be described as a highlight for me.

You can’t see Dubai without spending a trip to your Arabian Desert. You’ll experience this incredible landscape in several different ways whether it’s camel trekking over the sands, dune-surfing, seeing the sand from above in a hot-air balloon or bouncing over the terrain on a 4×4 wilderness safari. I do believe I’d try them…


#2. To ascend the world’s tallest building

A genuine symbol of Dubai’s wondrous modern architecture, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building plus globally iconic framework. There are two main observation decks to peer out of, available on level 124 and 148, the latter sitting at 1,821 legs and supplying amazing panoramic views. You will want to just take things one step further by dining into the world’s greatest restaurant on level 122?


number 3. To appreciate one of many world’s many beautiful town skylines 

After ascending to the highest point of Dubai’s awe-inspiring architectural triumphs, ensure you make time to appreciate the skyline through the ground. The Marina provides one of the best vantage points for taking in the cityscape. A dinner cruise on Dubai Creek aboard a conventional dhow will allow you to witness the shimmering high-rise skyline by night.

number 4. For many of the greatest shopping on the planet

If you’re needing somewhat retail treatment, you’ll find world-class shopping become one of the top reason to consult with Dubai. Which range from high-end malls to street areas, its virtually impractical to leave Dubai empty-handed. Probably one of the most impressive shopping centres let me reveal Dubai Mall, home to 1,200 stores along with features like an ice rink as well as an aquarium.


#5. For the food scene

From revolutionary Michelin-starred restaurants to aromatic road food, Dubai can be an growing hub of gastronomy. Offered its diverse population, you’ll encounter a variety of cuisines right here, such as the likes of Arabic, Persian, Indian, French and Japanese. From once-in-a-lifetime consumes during the Michelin-starred personal by Heinz Beck, to inexpensive but delicious consumes over the famous street meals road of Al Dhiyafah; the foodie in you can expect to rejoice in Dubai.


number 6. For the man-made islands and beaches

 Dubai’s man-made islands, or artificial archipelagos as they’ve also been coined, are another exemplory instance of the metropolis’ grandeur. The Palm Islands, or Palm Jumeirah, are designed in to the shape of a palm tree and they are listed as one of the only man-made structures noticeable from room. Primarily house to luxury resorts and mega mansions, among the best approaches to explore these islands is via a yacht trip.


#7. To see the flourishing art scene

 it would likely come as being a surprise to learn that Dubai houses a burgeoning art scene, and it has also been labelled once the Modern Art money of Middle East. I came across this down because my neighbour is definitely an musician and spends their time between North Wales and Dubai. Check him out! – dollarsandart.  From stylish art galleries in the Financial Centre to more ‘hip’ art joints found along Alserkal Avenue, artists and collectors are becoming increasingly interested in Dubai.


#8. To begin to see the world’s biggest water fountain display

The water fountain shows of Singapore, Hong Kong and nevada can step aside, Dubai could be the destination for a head the many mesmerising of spectacles. Found near the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain could be the largest choreographed water display worldwide. With a performance of music and over 6,600 lights, this is usually a part of your Dubai go to you must tick down.


#9. To explore the souks

While shopping comes easy in Dubai’s mega malls, perhaps many famous of city’s retail experiences is situated in its silver souks. These old-fashioned souks are considered the lowest priced invest the world to grab authentic gold jewellery, aided by the silver market in Deira one of the most iconic places.


#.10 To invest a couple of nights in the world’s most luxurious hotels

Finally, no vacation is complete without having a memorable place to lay your face, while the accommodations alone are one of the top reasons to consult with Dubai. Dubai hosts a few of the world’s most flamboyant accommodations, like the ‘7-star’ Burj Al Arab, well-known for features such as helicopter transportation and revolving beds!

An off the beaten track weekend in Southern France: Balazuc, St Martin, Avignon + Isle sur la Sorgue

Last summer Elle and I travelled to Southern France. We visited charming little villages, vineyards, gorgeous countryside and amazing restaurants. We were amazed by how much there was to see and do in Southern France. We were expecting to find bright purple lavender fields, world-class wine, and classic French food, the kind you crave for weeks after returning…

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