Could caravanning be cool?

“You’ve been transformed!” Sam said excitedly throughout the speakerphone into the automobile.

I happened to be driving house through the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at NEC in Birmingham and was telling Sam exactly about my time.

“The motorhomes had been really good! They Certainly Were like hotel rooms on wheels!” I became telling him. “They had been enormous and luxurious. Imagine the freedom and how simple it would be. And think how much the boys would want it. I wonder whenever we could afford one….?”

Sam ended up being laughing by this point because he’d been telling me personally all of this consistently and I hadn’t been convinced.

We’d never ever really considered buying a caravan or perhaps a campervan because….well…because we’re young and cool and young, cool people don’t buy caravans. Only we’re obviously maybe not young or cool because right here we had been having a discussion about buying one.

After five hours on Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show i truly had been transformed within my perception of ‘caravanning’. I’d talked to a lot of people, both young and old, that extremely passionate about this and each day their passion had begun to rub off on me.

The crucial thing that had sparked my interest was the total amount of families I saw at the show. There were many children getting the time of the lives! I’m a firm believer that old individuals and children just like the exact same things so it’s unsurprising actually. Should you ever find a task ideal for seniors, it is additionally appropriate young ones – guaranteed in full! They both want lots to see and do but at a sluggish speed without rushing. Comfort actually concern and you also should be able to have countless toilet stops and lots of snack prevents – and all of those things come as standard having a caravanning vacation.

There were loads of kids excitedly exploring the caravans and motorhomes. These people were trying out the bunk-beds which were niftily kept away in key compartments in addition they seemed genuinely thrilled to be sat at a dining table that became a dual sleep. Kids positively don’t get this stoked up about resort rooms!

And that’s the true reason why I’d all of a sudden become interested in caravans and motorhomes; it’s because remaining in hotel rooms with two children is tough. It’s actually tough. You really just wish all your very own stuff around you and kids want to rest in beds that are familiar for them. You will need constant access to a bathroom, a fridge stocked with their milk and favourite treats, a dining table to sit at in which they won’t make a mess, a cushty place for a nap at really a inconvenient some time an abundance of space for storing to hide away all their crap. But, above all, a location in which moms and dads can relax at night when the children went to sleep.

The greater amount of I seriously considered it, the greater amount of I realised a caravan or even a motorhome provides all of these things.

Exactly what have always been I!? whom am we becoming? We never in a million years thought I’d think these ideas!

I’d been invited to your Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show on Tuesday by The Caravan Club since they had an exciting announcement to make regarding the starting day of the show. The Caravan Club have actually totally rebranded and are usually now called the Caravan and Motorhome Club. Discover more about their rebrand right here. With a new title plus new logo design comes a brand new image which’s an even more comprehensive, friendly and inspirational image. They want everyone else to feel welcomed in to the Caravan and Motorhome Club, regardless of what style of vacation you are taking.

I met the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s Chairman, Grenville Chamberlain, and he’s been taking caravan holidays for over 40 years. Seriously, 30 seconds using this guy could transform you to the joys of a caravan ? He was telling me about all places he’s been and exactly how good it’s to really have a mini home away from home on wheels. Grenville and his wife disappear completely inside their caravan almost every weekend (yes, we told him he is a travel blogger because he’s nailing the #Take12Trips challenge!) and he seldom spends a week-end at home. Everything is inside their caravan prepared and waiting so they really simply hop on the road on a Friday afternoon and they’re off on an adventure.

It almost seems too good to be real.

Sam and I also had a campervan although we had been in Australia and I also liked the freedom as well as the feeling of adventure that was included with living out of a van. Life had been simple, effortless and carefree also it couldn’t happen better. Our old VW Transporter had been a million miles from sleek and glossy motorhomes we saw at the show but i possibly couldn’t help but gaze at the wistfully and think, ‘One time…’

I’ll end up being the first to admit that caravans aren’t cool. It’s unlikely caravans will ever be cool. Motorhomes having said that are pretty cool, but when I get older I’m not even certain we worry.

So while I ponder the professionals and cons of caravans and motorhomes, tell me, can you ever think about a caravan or motorhome vacation?