Just how I’m managing the work/ life/ blogging/ children/ travelling balance

I was not sure whether to compose this post. I’ve actually written and then removed it maybe once or twice now, but it’s one thing I’m asked of a great deal so I feel like it’s time to blog about this.

We have countless lovely emails from visitors who possess either recently had young ones, are expecting or are organizing children in the future and so they like to note that it is possible to consistently travel and have an exciting life after having babies. I am hoping that I’m living evidence which you don’t have to chop your passport when you have children!

The reason why I was reluctant to create this post ended up being because I have some days (okay, hours) where everything is going amazingly smoothly and I also feel I’m completely nailing it. I’m like Super Mum and I also wonder why anybody indicates this motherhood malarkey is hard.

But this is swiftly accompanied by a real possibility check of the shitty time where everything goes incorrect and I’m counting down the minutes until bedtime so I can have a large cup of wine and progress to bed myself!

Have always been i truly qualified to create a post about finding the work/life balance once you also provide two small children and travel a whole lot? Not likely. So I’m just likely to tell you how I’m which makes it work. And by ‘work’ i am talking about surviving your day and having to 10pm each evening successfully.


So as just a little change or whenever you are new to your blog:

I have two little males, George aged 2 and Joseph aged six months. This blog is my business and provides me having full time earnings. I understand running a blog seems like it is just a simple case of snapping some photos and uploading them to Instagram but there’s SO much behind the scenes admin involved it is therefore pretty time consuming. We additionally travel a great deal – or I will do quickly anyway, once my child boy goes to nursery. We are now living in North Wales so nearly all of our travels have already been fairly regional but we’ve got more trips abroad planned!

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Maternity Leave and blogging

I didn’t have a maternity break when I had George or Joseph. We slowed down for 2 days after their births but then got in to it, fitting in work between naps. The issue with being fully a regular blogger when you have kids usually there’s no-one else to get the slack once you take some time off. I am aware my web log wouldn’t fall apart or vanish easily took a couple of months off but I strive to develop this website and I also didn’t want to lose energy. Used to don’t want to lose touch with customers or get silent on my social media marketing networks and so I continued doing items of work wherever i really could.

Blogging is the most awesome job option feasible should you want to work versatile hours therefore it’s ideal for new moms and dads. I love having the ability to fit could work between my kids, in the place of easily fit into time with my kids around my work.

Before having George we also worked very difficult to improve my affiliate earnings. Here is the income we cope with suggesting products and experiences through this website. The per cent of each and every sale is miniscule however, if you’ve got 1,000 miniscule sales everyday…well it quickly adds up! The good thing about affiliate product sales is that once you’ve work it – by writing an evaluation or recommending an item – it needs little admin to keep earning money. I’ve a backpack review We penned about 5 years ago also it still leads to a lot of product sales each month – it’s almost enough sales to pay for my mortgage!

Affiliates are a definite great supply of passive earnings also it’s great to know I’m earning sufficient to pay for all my bills without having to carry a finger.

There exists a downside to working the odd hour here as it takes me personally months to perform a project. If I’m working on a big project We usually get stressed about devoid of sufficient time. After which there’s the times once I intend to do work during Joseph’s nap time and he won’t go to sleep. That’s essentially the most aggravating benefit of this – once I can easily see that he’s exhausted and requires a rest but fights it and just cries!

Finding time to work

Perhaps you have pointed out that for those who have 10 hours to complete one thing then it’ll simply take you 10 hours, however if you only have 1 hour you’ll still manage to get it done in a hour?

This is also true of blog posting!

Since having children i’ve become a lot more productive – basically because i need to be!

We regularly focus on the blog for about 8 hours per day, 5 days per week and I also managed it exactly like I would personally a normal office task. And then I had George and I transpired to a number of mornings a week when he was at nursery. This worked well and I also was astonished how much we was able to nevertheless have finished. After which I’d Joseph and it transpired up to a few hours weekly then everything visited shit ? Only joking (sort of)

George frequently goes to nursery 4 mornings weekly and Joseph usually has a nap for around 1.5 hours in mornings so this hour . 5 is pretty much my only window to have the majority of could work done. And that’s the most productive 90 minutes you should possibly imagine.

If anyone dares to disturb me during those 90 minutes then there’s hell to pay. If anyone knocks at my door, calls my phone or attempts to contact me personally via any social networking platform however am NOT happy!

Both of the guys have a nap within the afternoon so I usually get another 90 minutes inside afternoon to blog such as for instance a demon.

Whenever you can I make an effort to execute a little work with the nights but as Joseph nevertheless wakes up usually during the night I’m usually too tired doing a great deal.

Just how have we gone from 40 hours work a week to about 10!?

My biggest time suck used to be replying to emails. I don’t mean lovely audience email messages, i am talking about complete time wasters whom expect me to do a crazy level of work with return for peanuts, or even worse nevertheless, nothing. You’d never ever ask a builder to construct that you home free of charge, or perhaps a hairdresser to cut you hair at no cost. So why do individuals think it is OK to ask a blogger to operate free of charge!?

Anyway, mini rant over.

Over time I’ve improved at recognising who the full time wasters are and simply deleting their e-mails. That saves me personally a tonne of the time! I am aware I might end up passing up on some possibilities but i suppose it simply can’t be aided.

I’ve additionally improved at streamlining processes so I’m just considerably faster at particular things.

But other things, many things, have simply must get forced sideways and added to that ridiculously long and not ending to-do list.

At first it stressed me personally down, having this to-do list with items we knew I’d do not have time for you finish. But I’m obviously a laid back person so when long as I’m perhaps not permitting clients down i am aware i recently need certainly to allow some things slip. A expression we usually need certainly to duplicate to myself is, ‘For god’s benefit woman, you’ve simply possessed a infant, cut your self some slack!’

My children

My loved ones are awesome therefore’s as a result of them that I can continue to do this work. My mum does not have the males very often but she’s fundamentally our back-up choice – something i did son’t realize could be since essential as it is.

Any working parent to children will understand that itsn’t as easy as just sticking the kids in nursery and going to work daily – because young ones are sick ALL THE TIME! And you can’t deliver them to nursery to ensure that hill of work or dozens of conferences you planned will have to be cancelled because your snotty little munchkins require a duvet time.

Oh yea, and once they’ve had their icky bug for some times they’re planning to pass it on to you and also the remaining portion of the household and simply while you cure that episode of nausea they’ll skip back once again to nursery with all the other snot bags and bring home another bug that will have you clinging towards the bathroom for just one more week.

Yea, Mum lifestyle, this is glamourous.

Anyhow, back again to just how awesome my mum is. Yea, she doesn’t have them many times but i am aware that when either for the guys are unwell I can depend on my mum to look after them. Of course we have ill she takes care of me too which is really a bonus.

This might not appear to be a lot but having my mum being a back-up option makes a giant difference to might work life. Because easily arrange to visit London for two days and George gets sick then I’d need certainly to cancel all my conferences and lose out on a accommodation and train fare – so’s about £200 visited waste – not to mention permitting down consumers who might determine I’m not reliable enough to work with once again in the future. Often Sam does make an effort off work nonetheless it’s in the same way problematic for him too. So my mum makes this possible and she’s awesome so many thanks mum!

Sam can be awesome and supportive and my biggest cheerleader. Simply having Sam constantly egging me personally on and motivating me personally to do many travel more means so much to me. I feel the ‘Mum Guilt’ once I leave him alone utilizing the males but i am aware I shouldn’t, particularly when it’s frequently Sam pushing me personally out of the door!

But i believe Sam additionally understands he’s in a fortunate situation. Needless to say, there’s all of the free holiday breaks but it’s mostly because our funds haven’t been afflicted with having children. Many families need certainly to survive on the dad’s wage while the mum is on maternity leave because maternity pay can be so low but we now haven’t must bother about that.


Obviously, I’m always gonna make time for travelling! We haven’t done such a thing majorly adventurous (yet!) aided by the two men. We’re been skiing and been to Barcelona and a lot of weekends away in cosy cottages across the UK.

Our very first few trips with two little kids were hard however it becomes much easier everytime. With each vacation we figure out how to pack less, worry less and simply benefit from the getaway more. We’re also learning just what does and doesn’t work when you are travelling with children.

Things that don’t benefit us are resort hotels with tiny spaces, posh restaurants and activities that final above 2 hours!

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When I travel alone or on press trips for the blog, the males will both head to nursery and Sam is going to be flying solo with him. Its tough for him when I’m away and it makes both of us realise just how amazing single parents are. It’s tough when you’re on your own and I know Sam gets up at 6am and doesn’t take a seat until about 9pm! My mum is really a big help while I’m away and often makes Sam’s dinners or picks the males up from nursery if Sam is working late.

Switching off

The main thing i really do that i believe really helps me personally balance everything – and also this is my # 1 tip if you are juggling working and kids – would be to switch off your phone whenever you’re not working.

When I’m working I want to be 100percent working and centering on just what I’m doing.

When I’m with my children i do want to be 100percent with my children and having fun with them and chatting to them and cuddling them and playing Monsters using them.

If my phone is nearby We can’t help but glance at it every time I obtain a notification. So when you receive about 300 emails everyday it is difficult to not open a couple of those notifications!

I’ll be sat here reading an account with George and my phone will ping and I’ll notice it’s an interesting e-mail so I’ll open it and read it and before I know it I’ve invested 30 minutes responding and looking into various things and poor little George is sat here by himself while their mummy complete ignores him. We don’t want to be that mum!

I do this the men but in addition for my clients. Easily reply to a contact on my phone whilst also watching Finding Nemo and playing Peekaboo and feeding a child and tidying up, that e-mail isn’t gonna make a great deal of sense! Therefore it’s better for everybody for me become ‘available’ less but be 100percent focused when I am available.

Generally there you’ve got it, the actual means I’m balancing working and young ones and running a blog and travelling and wanting to have something that vaguely represents a social life.

In conclusion, listed below are my top 10 methods for anyone who should do the same:

  1. Get your young ones in nursery only a small amount or as frequently as you need to – and don’t feel bad about any of it. George LOVES nursery and I’m counting down the occasions until Joseph begins! Yea, it’s costly however you can’t place a cost on your sanity ?
  2. Accept that you can’t do everything – choose the things that matter probably the most and focus for a handful of really cool things rather than EVERYTHING! This applies to everything – work and socialising, tasks together with your young ones etc.
  3. Simply take all of the allow you to can get from friends and family.
  4. Learn how to delegate – feamales in specific frequently attempt to do so all from childcare to household chores to working and preparing your household social calendar. It’s the 21st century ladies, we don’t have to do everything.
  5. Pull the plug on – that thing we stated about switching off? Yea, take action and thank me later.
  6. Have a turn fully off time – regardless of how much work i’ve in, i make an effort to close my laptop at 9pm to flake out and chill with Sam. If I didn’t consciously make an effort to try this I’d frequently wind up working until 2am. It wasn’t an issue before I had children but looking after infants on 4 hours sleep is torture.
  7. Understand that work is important however your small kiddos are often more essential. Work can wait.
  8. Make your self a loaded meal – this was a tip from my midwife when George was initially born. Sometimes you can get so busy into the time you don’t have enough time to help make yourself a significant lunch. I usually become having 4 rounds of toast instead of a proper meal therefore whenever possible We produce a loaded meal like i might easily was going to an office! It sounds weird but it’s another one in which you’ll thank me personally later when it extends to 1pm and you’re starving additionally the house actually tip therefore’ve got a customer contact ten full minutes!
  9. Have a office – preferably only a little workplace where you could shut the doorway and then leave all your work worries inside. We lost my workplace when Joseph was created since it became their bed room and now i truly miss it!
  10. Head to as much parenting/baby teams as you’re able to – it’s not for the children, it is for you personally. A powerful help community of other mums and dads and grand-parents makes the entire world of distinction. My top tip for these groups is the fact that very first 4-5 sessions are hell since it’s just a couple of cliquey mums and snotty children you don’t know. But as soon as you get to know all of them then it is great! Once I had George I threw in the towel regarding mummy teams after 2-3 sessions but we persisted with Joseph and today I adore them.

If you have anymore ideas to increase this list then please please please let me know because there are surely still some times in which I need all help I Will get ?

Oh, bonus tip 11 – coffee. All the coffee.