Lumix G80 review: a wonderful compact digital camera ideal for travel

Ever since I have started travelling in the past during 2009 I’ve been searching for a digital camera that is little: lightweight and easily portable with the awesome features and image quality of a larger DSLR.

For the previous 3 years I’ve been shooting for a Canon 70D and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m not just a professional professional photographer, I barely even just take my digital camera away from car, but I’m always really pleased with the photos I capture regarding Canon 70D.

The only problem is your camera is a chunk. It’s hefty plus it’s bulky and I barely ever remove it with me since it weighs me personally down so much. I usually go on it to places where I know there’ll be stunning scenery and epic photo possibilities but I never go on it with me during a morning walk or an impromptu afternoon away. What this means is I’m passing up on photographing so many moments, simply because I can’t be bothered taking my digital camera down beside me.

It appears lazy but i am aware I’m maybe not alone in this situation – particularly among the list of mamas who have 101 things to lug around using them!

Two weeks ago I happened to be delivered the Lumix G80 to review and also this small camera is definitely an absolute game changer. Seriously, I’m absolutely in deep love with it.

Did the truth is my post yesterday from my week-end in Aberdaron? All those pictures were taken using the Lumix G80 and I’m actually happy with them. They were all taken aided by the digital camera on car (so no clever photography skills around right here!) plus the most them had been taken while I became holding Joseph too! whoever has attempted to take a picture while holding a 5 month old infant will know what challenging this really is!

I’m not going to give you a strong ‘photographer style review’ because I’m not a pro photographer and there are a great number of features on this digital camera We don’t know how to use myself. If you’re searching for a really detailed review however suggest going over to Amazon United States for more facts about the specs for the camera. There aren’t numerous reviews on Amazon British yet so take a look at the usa site – the Lumix G80 is named the Lumix G85 in the usa. I’m unsure why?

So rather I’m likely to provide you with a simple review and tell you the 8 main things i enjoy about it camera. Ideally this will be simple to follow for my fellow pastime photographers who love catching moments but may well not understand all of the techy language surrounding cameras.

It’s lightweight, small(ish) and simply slips into my bag

They do say ‘the best digital camera you can make use of is the one in your pocket’ and I couldn’t agree more. Just what this expression essentially means usually there’s no point in getting the best or priciest digital camera available if you’re maybe not likely to remove it with you. Like I said within my intro about my Canon 70D, I love this camera however it’s simply overweight so I don’t take it anywhere beside me. However the Lumix G80 is tiny and light sufficient to pop it into my bag and go on it every where beside me. It’s weighs 1.11lb so it’s not so light that you’re gonna forget it is there but it’s most certainly not an encumbrance to carry around with you.

The Lumix digital cameras are about catching unmissable moments – but this will ben’t simply advertising and marketing spiel, this digital camera does indeed assistance with that. All things considered, you can’t capture unmissable moments should your digital camera is properly kept away in the home.

Another good thing about it being lightweight usually it’s great for taking selfies (don’t judge!) Many decent digital cameras I’ve found in yesteryear happen too heavy to carry at arm’s size and have a selfie but this little digital camera is ideal. You can hold it in a single hand and press the switch also it’s not so heavy you need to have an escape between each photo!

No out of focus shots!

The Lumix G80 possesses double Image Stabiliser (no, I don’t know very well what which means either) however when using the camera you truly view it. Each shot is clear and sharp and in focus. With my old digital camera I’d always have a small number of photos that weren’t perfectly in focus and if we asked another person to have a picture of me personally it would typically be out of focus or simply nearly right, however you don’t get this because of the Lumix G80. Hoorah!

Post Focus setting

I LOVE this setting. Fundamentally, you are taking an image plus the digital camera centers around everything so all facets regarding the picture is perfectly crisp. And then later on you’ll go in to the picture and choose exactly what you’d like to maintain focus. You’ll bring one thing certain towards forefront of photo and blur everything around it. It’s very easy doing too while you merely take action by pressing the display to choose what you need in focus.

Here is the exact same image but edited regarding digital camera utilizing the Post Focus setting

4k photo setting

The 4k picture environment is one thing we don’t usage very often nevertheless when i actually do the pictures are amazing. It’s perfect for action shots, shooting movement or using photos of pets and children whom won’t stay still!

To utilize the 4k picture function you produce a short video clip which shoots at 30 fps – that is 30 pictures in a second! Afterward you view the video clip regarding the camera therefore breaks it on to dozens of individual pictures and also you find the photo(s) you want. The camera then stores it just like a normal picture which means you don’t should faff with post production in your laptop.

In the event that you’ve ever taken an image and just missed that perfect minute then you’ll love this function. Here’s an extremely embarrassing movie I made about recording pictures making use of 4k photography. Look how little George is inside movie!

Constant shooting mode (Automatic Instagram Husband)

It is possible to place the digital camera into Time Lapse mode and set it to just take photos at your selected intervals. This may be a great function for time lapses of things such as sunrises and sunsets however it’s additionally really good to obtain photos with yourself included!

If you’re anything like me and generally look a bit embarrassing on digital camera then this setting is available! It is possible to simply set your camera as much as have a picture every couple of moments. Then casually walk, walk or pose at the digital camera and it will keep shooting. it is like having an automatic Instagram husband! And they’re all going to be in focus too!

Viewfinder or screen?

okay, this is often a bonus thing that i love. it is not exactly an attribute that will convince you to definitely choose the camera however it’s absolutely an additional bonus which makes the Lumix G80 a joy to utilize. Whenever you’re going for a picture the image immediately appears on the display – however, if you will find you need to use the viewfinder (like in the event that sun is shining on your display screen or if you believe it is better to frame the shot) then chances are you raise the camera to you attention also it immediately switches on viewfinder. This feature doesn’t sound that awesome when I write it straight down nonetheless it’s simply small thing similar to this which make the camera so user-friendly.

This particular feature is specially good whenever you’re asking people to take your picture. If they’re not really acquainted with using cameras with viewfinders then they most likely won’t want to use it and will be more content with utilising the display to set up a shot.

Effortlessly move pictures to your phone

The Lumix G80 has generated in wifi therefore, using the Panasonic Image App, it is simple to connect your digital camera towards phone and transfer pictures. But – more importantly – this procedure is truly simple. I’ve used the Canon image transfer app a whole lot and frequently discovered that it is buggy and difficult to use but this 1 is truly easy.

You may want to make use of your phone to remotely get a handle on the camera so you could set your camera up somewhere and take pictures using your phone. This is usually a great feature for selfies and taking spontaneous photos.

Flip out display screen

The Lumix G80 features a flip-out screen in order to see your self when taking selfies or recording vlogs. It’s also handy when you are shooting from awkward angles and can’t get the attention on viewfinder.

Splash/dustproof framework

This is certainly another feature that probably won’t offer the digital camera for your requirements it is something well worth noting if you’re going to be by using this digital camera a lot – which you will be! It has a magnesium alloy front frame therefore it’s sturdy and robust and may manage a few bumps and splashes. This might be ideal for travelling but simply generally speaking ideal for each and every day usage too. Like we stated above, the greatest camera you’ll have may be the one you’ve got with you – however, if you’re precious about your digital camera and you’re stressed about taking it anywhere with you just in case you break it then it is no used to anybody. You really would like a camera you can make use of on the beach, in dirty situations, in a small amount of rainfall and round the grubby fingers of young ones!


I’ve also actually enjoyed using the video mode regarding Lumix G80. I made a movie from my weekend in Aberdaron utilizing the camera. I haven’t modified it yet but I’ll share it here and on Facebook once i actually do to help you see just what the video quality is similar to.

Disclaimer: I happened to be sent this camera to examine by Lumix but all thoughts, viewpoints and photos are my own. As always, i might never suggest a product i did son’t 100per cent love and I 100% love this digital camera!

Find out more about the Lumix G80 right here.

My pal Beverley from Pack your Passport ended up being additionally delivered the Lumix GX80 which can be similar but smaller and contains more of a vintage appearance. You’ll read her Lumix GX80 review right here.

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