Packing strategies for a week-end break

I’m extremely excited today to involve some packaging guidelines from the packaging legend, Alex from Travel Fashion woman. Alex has provided the woman top recommendations whenever packing for saturday and sunday.


Packing for a fun filled week-end getaway should really be fast and simple, right?

Regrettably, it is not necessarily that easy. If you are traveling on a budget airline, you have to cope with their strict baggage policies. Here are some tips on how to pack for the 7kg weekend getaway.
Purchase light baggage

To start, you understand those big cumbersome carry-ons you have actually tucked away in the back of your closet? Keep them there. Though they might recreate fond memories of your past travels, it’s most readily useful when they stay in the past. Your personal future is all about feather light luggage. When your carryon case weighs only 2kg it still leaves you 5kg for your possessions.

Note from Monica: The Travel Hack suitcase will be available to obtain mid-August (if all would go to plan!) It’s a lightweight instance and size at 55x 40x 20cm so it’s designed to fit all major airline hand baggage requirements! It’s as large as it are able to be and never have to worry it’s likely to be too big.

Another note from Monica (sorry to keep butting in here!): For most UK airlines there isn’t any weight restriction readily available luggage or it is very very not likely they’ll consider your instance. The actual only real requirement is normally that one may lift your situation into the overhead storage space regarding plane.

Wear a couple of jeans it is possible to reuse

With one pair of jeans in a classic hue, you’ll develop a selection of clothes. This means all you need to do is pack four tops and a pair (or two) of shoes and you’re all set the weekend.

Note from Monica: The jeans I’m using in these pictures had been from Primark and cost £12. I definitely love them and I’ve scarcely taken them off since I bought them!

Keep bulky sweaters at home

In place of wanting to pack your large, knit sweaters, layer your shirts and use slim cardigans having a light jacket or coat. Into the summer you may want to make use of a key up chambray or denim top for light protection as well as deploying it as shirt.


Pack a coat you can restyle

Go with a basic jacket to wear over many different tops which means you don’t need certainly to pack several. But how about color? That is actually your decision, but we suggest more basic colors like tan, brown, black colored or white.

Denim coats are superb for summer while fabric jackets work could work for very early autumn and late spring. Don’t forget a vintage trench with regards to cools down and then a hot, basic layer in cold weather.

Bring a neck warmer gaiter

In place of using a lengthy scarf, opt for a hot neck gaiter as an alternative. Save area on cold weather trips while staying warm. You may wear this on journey in the place of packing it within carryon.

Count on small travel containers to decrease toiletry fat

Forgot your commercial containers of shampoo, conditioner and makeup and instead use small reusable containers. These little guys are ideal for housing lower amounts of fluid and really cut down on the amount of weight put into your baggage. They’re specially ideal for things such as fluid foundation or concealer. You won’t desire a full-size bottle for a week-end trip.

Tip: find out if your accommodation provides basics such as for example shampoo and conditioner in order to avoid bringing them.


Pack lightweight clothing and wear your heavier pieces

Ever wonder why you see people traveling to cooler climates from the hot weather in warmer, cold weather clothes? It is because they’ve cleverly decided to wear their heavier pieces regarding plane instead of pack them within their baggage. This not just makes more space within carry-on for other items and helps keep your bag underneath the fat limit. Additionally, select  lightweight garments manufactured in travel-friendly materials to increase your area with less fat.


Don’t hesitate to pack your nicest underwear

Lace underwear is ultra-feminine but it packs light. If you wear thongs, these assistance lessen room, too. Every ounce matters whenever you’re wanting to pack with only 7kg.


Roll everything

A powerful way to maximize restricted space is through rolling your clothing in place of folding it. It will help you use an inferior carry-on that satisfies your airline’s luggage policies.

Material items within footwear

From underwear to socks, and toiletry items, material them into the shoes. You can make use of the exact same idea and pack clothing as a tiny packing cube to prepare and compress.

Use a baggage scale

Make space in your budget to get a electronic luggage scale. Weigh your bag before you decide to fly to make sure you don’t enter into trouble within sign in counter.

Note from Monica: or just use the bathroom scales!


Extra tips

  • Keep the hair dryer in the home and make use of the main one within hotel. Should they don’t offer one, get hold of a foldable travel-size style.
  • Don’t pack doubles of anyone thing. Including, don’t bring two sneakers, two flats, or two sandals. Just one single will suffice in the event that you look for a design that fits all of your clothes.
  • Miss out the travel size shampoo and conditioner, and make use of the main one given by your accommodation. You may also purchase it at the airport to beat those fat restrictions.
  • When you can manage, leave your laptop at home and use a tablet as an alternative. Or better, yet, take a electronic detoxification and then leave both in the home. It’s just a couple days, enjoy them!


Alexandra Jimenez shows ladies how exactly to pack light in an elegant, efficient way with Travel Fashion Girl’s carryon packing list guides. Initially from Los Angeles, she quit her corporate job in 2008 and has now since traveled and scuba dived her way around 45 countries.

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