Festival packing: don’t forget these 10 crucial items

within a couple weeks I’ll be driving to Portmeirion to go to my very first event: Festival #6.

I’m a lot of money of excitement and nerves, so to calm the latter I’ve spent a lot of time researching the things I should pack to create this experience not merely survivable, but enjoyable. Although I’m not a huge fan of tents, there are so many things I’m worked up about at Festival #6 that I don’t desire the camping bit to destroy any element of my experience.

Most of maybe you are a lot more advanced than me personally in terms of pitching a tent or sleeping in the wild (it’d be hard to be less advanced than me, actually), therefore I won’t patronise you by the addition of ‘a tent that doesn’t leak’ or similar apparent items to my list.

Festival Packing List - important Things

Instead, they are the 10 crucial products you need to increase your festival packing list to ensure that you have the full time you will ever have.

A torch is most likely on every festival packing list available to you, and if you’re getting actually fancy, perhaps even a solar driven flashlight or headlamp. However if you want to get intent on convenience, then what you need is a camping lantern.

Hang it as part of your tent so when you obtain right back during the night you’ll be able to see everything…not simply the spot your torch is shining on. It creates getting changed at night a dream, and searching for your wellies if you want to pop towards loo in the center of the night time all of a sudden becomes a lot more do-able.

no. 2: plenty of socks

Wellies are likely the very first thing I’ll pack for the festival (in part because mud, but additionally as it’s a good excuse to wear my beloved Hunters). But directly after that it’ll be socks. And plenty of them.

The three times I’ll be at Festival number 6, we completely expect to bring 10 pairs of socks: 1 pair for every single morning, 1 for each afternoon plus one for every single night whenever wellies have come off (and a free, just in case).

I understand if it’s raining I’ll simply feel dirty and for that reason miserable – but one thing therefore little just like a fresh pair of socks can make everything feel okay once again. it is such as for instance a hot cup tea, but also for the feet.

Just what challenging Snapchatting, Instagramming and basic photo-taking I’ll no doubt be doing throughout Festival number 6, I’m going to need just as much phone battery as I will get. Camping means no energy points, so good quality portable charger is important for the social media marketing heavy festival.

I love my Anker charger since it charges my phone fully two or three times – an ideal pocket-sized solution!

I just discovered this genius innovation recently, and I’m in love.

If my fingernails start to look chipped and untidy whenever I’m travelling, I just don’t feel like I’m put together.

Spray-on nail varnish means you may get a fast fix (it cann’t final as long as genuine) without the need to sit around waiting for polish to dry. It seems messy – and it is – nevertheless simply clean or wipe your hands a while later as well as the polish comes off your hands (but remains on your own nails). It’s the best way to remain refined with minimal hassle.

Festival Packing List - important Items

number 5: Snacks

Needless to say, Festival # 6 is famous because of its food, and so I don’t be prepared to get hungry while I’m there – however in instance we get caught out without any food or power (age.g. when I’m dancing away regarding drifting party floor) I’ll have some Nakd pubs in my case for a rush of (healthy) power getting me personally right through to my next gourmet dinner.

#6: different synthetic things

This tip is as a result of Travel Hack audience Charlotte, whom commented on my last post:

I’m no festival professional, but I have been to a couple now and I’d suggest taking countless synthetic bags! We learned to put all my clothes in them individually after a really moist festival + leaky tent implied that i did son’t have any clean dry garments for the week-end!

I’m obviously hoping this doesn’t occur to me, but Charlotte’s logic is sound (thanks, Charlotte!). We don’t want leaky any such thing – therefore I’ll be packing bin bags, shopping bags, and maybe several of those resealable sandwich bags permanently measure.

Paranoid? Possibly. But I’m determined to stay dry!

number 7: Swimwear

Festival Packing List - Essential Items

Image supply: festivalnumber6.com

Yep, I intend to swim. In Britain.

Just examine where I’ll be (and get across your fingers for sunshine)!

But even though you’re packaging for a festival that’s not by the seaside, swimming gear is a good idea for showering minus the threat of visibility.

they’re actually a vital for almost any types of camping situation.

We plan to shower through the festival week-end, but in situation i recently can’t face it, I’ll have stack of wet wipes (advantageous to makeshift showering, the removal of makeup, cleaning spills) plus some dry shampoo and so I can feel just like a individual, even when I’m rocking a layer of three-day dust.

number 9: an effective sleep setup

I adore my sleep, and I’m not going to let camping stop me personally from attaining a comfy night.

The necessities I’ll be packing to be sure personally i think rested through the festival can be an air bed, a sleeping case and a genuine pillow. I am able to go with no lot of things, but a sleep is not one.

#10: pretty clothes

Most likely the most critical of, a festival can be much about what’s on since it is approximately looking into the people who see – it is therefore engrained within the tradition that festivals like Glastonbury and Coachella are closely followed closely by fashion-lovers to see what the newest trends are going to be.

I don’t have a flower headband, but I’ll be incorporating personal little bit of flair on week-end…so stay tuned for my festival journal immediately after Festival number 6 has completed.

Are you to a event before? What else can you add to this list?

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Festival Packing List - Essential products

Share your ‘One in a Million’ to win a €25,000 getaway!

of course you like to visit only at The Travel Hack (demonstrably) but one thing we love a lot more is winning epic and amazing breaks! That’s why we’re therefore excited to talk about Booking.com’s latest competition.

It’s a good one therefore keep reading very carefully….

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Effortless, right?

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We said it was a good one!

Just what exactly have you been waiting for? Get yourself over to Booking.com and start trying to find your ideal getaway property.

How to enter (basic steps)

  1. Go to the Booking.com site and search for a property you’d always remain at
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  3. Visit either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
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Something like this will be perfect

If you are entering on Facebook you will need to publish it onto Booking.com’s post about the competition 

If you’re entering on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll also need to follow them at @bookingcom on Twitter and @bookingcom on Instagram.

Settle-back and begin dreaming about winning!

Btw – I’m opting for this rather gorgeous looking devote the Maldives!

You can find the total range of T&Cs here.

Good luck! And in case you’re the winner while desire a +1 then you know who to call…. ?

Game of Thrones movie Locations in north Ireland

It’s been two weeks now since Game of Thrones left our television screens for another season and left a gaping gap within our Monday evenings. Just what did we do on Mondays before GoTs? I aimlessly flick through hundreds of networks in search of one thing half as captivating and dramatic as Game of Thrones but nothing compares. There’s nothing since edge-of-your-seat-exciting since the medieval drama.

If, like me, you’re missing having some Game of Thrones action in your lifetime then you could invest your Monday evenings likely to look at the action for yourself to discover the fantastical film places in Northern Ireland…

During the last six years the beautiful coastline, countryside and character of Northern Ireland has been the back ground for all Game of Thrones scenes and there’s no better method of geeking away than visiting the film places. You will find loads of great trips you are able to try check out these locations, or perhaps you could DIY it with your personal tires and embark on a personalised fandom adventure.

At the conclusion of May I visited Northern Ireland and had been lucky enough to see several of those places for myself. Not just will they be totally stunning (therefore none GoT fans will relish them too!) but they’ll just take you back into your favourite scenes from show.

Below are a few of the very famous places Game of Thrones fanatics can look for. The nature of show means it is highly most likely one of the favourite figures was brutally and tragically killed down in just one of these locations. Simply attempt to over come the heartache and allow geekiness take hold.

The Black Hedges

One of the more aesthetically spectacular scenes from second number of Game of Thrones showcased County Antrim’s Dark Hedges, which served since the King’s path. The road and its own opportunity of beech woods is one of the most photographed natural sights in Northern Ireland, much more therefore now that it welcomes Thrones’ fans looking to follow in footsteps of Arya Stark.

Top Tip: the trail can be really busy now with individuals arriving at photograph it. Evidently I was really happy when I was here since it ended up being reasonably peaceful. It was around midday and we remained for about 20 moments. We put the picture on Instagram and some body asked me personally what time it was because it had been heaving as he visited that same afternoon. I’d suggest visiting as early as feasible or perhaps be patient and intend to await a gap within the crowds. You could be there a little while – particularly when a tour bus comes – however it’s beneficial the photo opp!

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland. Game of Thrones movie location

Binevenagh, The Antrim Plateau

Formed over 60 million years back, the high cliffs and rolling green for the Antrim Plateau is at its many impressive at Binevenagh on plateau’s western tip. That is where Daenerys Targaryen had been captured by the Dothraki inside finale of period five. Any scene featuring the Dothraki is pretty badass, however the backdrop of Binevenagh’s cliffs plus mass of galloping horses get this additional impressive.

There’s more details right here about an Binevenagh Mountain Walk it is possible to simply take – one thing i’d have liked to own done basically wasn’t travelling by having a 12 months old!

GOT film areas - north Ireland

Photo Credit

Ballintoy Harbour

Ballintoy is really a little town  regarding the coast of County Antrim and you’ll discover a quiet fishing harbour. The area shows none regarding the flamboyance of show business, but it had been right here that Theon Greyjoy sailed to as he came back to Pyke while the Iron isles in season two. The location has because been utilized being a set for the Iron isles.

Cushendun Caves

The Cushendun Caves are available nearby the town of the same name on County Antrim’s wild and breathtaking eastern shore. The caves formed over 400 million years back plus it ended up being right here in which the mysterious, and slight creepy, Red girl, Melisandre, gave delivery for some sort of wicked shadow baby whom then continued to murdered Renly Baratheon. Who stated this show was just castles and dragons?!


Cairncastle could be the perfect representation of the crazy lands of The North in Game of Thrones. The rocky slopes of Cairncastle had been among the first backdrops we come across inside entire series, utilized because the location in which Ned Stark executes a Night’s Watch deserter while offering his speech to Bran exactly how ‘the man whom passes the phrase should swing the sword’. Ned Stark had been great.

Castle Ward

The nationwide Trust property of Castle Ward in County Down hosts an 18th-century mansion of both traditional and gothic architecture but, more to the point, is the setting for the Stark’s home, Winterfell.

Winterfell has brought a bit of a battering since season one, burned by Ramsey Snow and taken by the Boltons. Castle Ward hasn’t must suffer some of this peril however, because after period one the back ground of Winterfell ended up being relocated. The castle is available year-round for visitors.

Castle WardPhoto: nationwide Trust

Qouile River

Quoile River as well as its surrounding countryside in County Down consists of a big wetland retreat featuring woodland and riverside trails. In the world of Game of Thrones, the Quoile River aptly served as the location for Riverrun in Riverlands. The most unforgettable scene which happened here was compared to a Tully funeral attended by Rob Stark and his mom Catelyn.

Inch Abbey

Inch Abbey is a group of remains from the Cistercian Abbey founded inside late 12th century and is located beside Qouile River in County Down. The abbey’s location has great views across to your spires of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, the burial host to Ireland’s patron saint.

Robb Stark’s camp in Riverrun had been filmed at the abbey, featured right before the battle in which the Stark military capture Jaime Lannister and observe the death of Ned Stark.

Game of Thrones film locations in Northern IrelandPhoto Credit

Larrybane Quarry

okay, it could not be the most impressive of the many shooting places because Larrybane Quarry has become an overflow carpark the nearby Carrick-A-Reed rope connection. Larrybane Quarry had been used as Renly Baratheon‘s war camp within the Stormlands. The website itself is gorgeous nevertheless when it’s filled with cars and tour buses it can lose some the miracle! But since many people visiting Northern Ireland can pay a call to Carrick-A-Reed rope connection anyway we thought it had been well worth a mention!

Game of Thrones movie areas in Northern Ireland on The Travel Hack

GoT movie areas in north ireland

Tours to see Game of Thrones movie locations in Northern Ireland

If you’re brief on time throughout your trip to Northern Ireland or you’d such as a simple way to understand Game of Thrones filming areas then I’d suggest taking a tour – especially if you don’t have hire vehicle. 

Check out Game of Thrones trip locations in Northern Ireland.

Winterfell Castle Private Tour – have a tour associated with huge castle along with your personal guide will reveal around the essential filming areas.

Belfast Iron Islands & Stormlands Adventure  feel the medieval ruins and wild coastline where crucial areas of the tale were filmed. Imagine you are the main cast and immerse your self in GOT globe.

Stones & Thrones Tour – browse where in fact the shadow baby was created and travel down the Dark Hedges road where Aryra famously dressed being a child to flee the King.

McCombs Coach Tours – Tour the Giants Causeway and leap the queue at Carrick-a-Rede Ropebridge in which Baron Greyjoy died. (This jump the queue add-on is worth it once the queues is absurd!)

Game of Thrones Tours TV – have a cruise liner excursion around all primary recording locations from GoT, including Dunluce Castle and Sandy Bay.

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Game of Thrones movie places in Northern Ireland

Now the only real question is…when are we gonna Croatia, Morocco and Iceland to understand other Game of Thrones shooting locations?