Gear Up with the Best Travel Photography Accessories of 2019 (so far …)

It’s only February, but 2019 is already shaping up to be another kickass year for innovative travel tech. For travel photogs, in particular, we’re practically living in a Golden Age. As proof, these four gadgets are among the best travel photography accessories of 2019 (so far …).

Best Travel Photography Accessories for 2019

Lume Cube AIR LED Light

Lume Cube AIR LED Light for Travel Photography

Floating Palm Feature Optional

Good lighting is critical to good photography. But, it can be tricky to find (or create) even half-way decent lighting while on the road. I’ve seen quite a few solutions, but none tackle mobile lighting as effortlessly as Lume Cube AIR. At roughly 1.5 inches square, it’s hardly bigger than a golf ball. It weighs next to nothing. It’s bright. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s inexpensive. It’s also waterproof down to 100 feet and drop-proof to boot.

All of which makes it one of the best travel photography accessories of the year. In my own experience, it’s a huge help with food photography as well (no more relying on your dinner-mates to “light up” your plates for all those Instagram shots!). Plus, the included white and orange (warming) diffusers make the latter a breeze with nice, soft lighting.

Lume Cube AIR LED Light for Photo, Video, and Content Creation

  • UNMATCHED LIGHT QUALITY & CUSTOM LENS – 5600K Color Temp, 90+/- CRI, 400 LUX @ 1M, 60º beam angle
  • COMPACT, WATERPROOF & DURABLE DESIGN – 1.625″ Tall, 2 oz, waterproof to 30 ft, made with tough rubber exterior
  • BLUETOOTH & APP CONTROL – Wirelessly control brightness, flash duration, mode, and check battery levels from the Lume-X App
  • BUILT-IN MAGNET – In addition to the 1/4 20 mounting thread, the AIR has a built in magnet to mount to new surfaces
  • IN-BOX ACCESSORIES (DIFFUSION INCLUDED) – Comes with both a warm and white diffuser, lanyard, and micro USB charging cable

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Lensbaby Sol 45

Soft blur of the Lensbaby Sol 45

Lensbaby Sol 45’s Dreamlike Blur and Bokeh © Chris Zielecki

Lensbaby‘s line of creative camera lenses is a polarizing (pun intended) topic among photographers. Personally, I love the challenge of using them. There’s a steep learning curve, even for skilled photographers. But, the payoff can be tremendous. Sure, you can achieve similarly creative looks using mobile photo editor apps like VSCO and Lightroom. But, I’ve found that none quite capture the moody, dreamlike quality of Lensbaby.

River Rower Shot with Lensbaby Sol 45

River Rower Shot with Lensbaby Sol 45 © Leighton Phillips

One of the latest in their line is the Lensbaby Sol 45. The 45mm fixed f/3.5 selective focus lens creates a tack-sharp circular area of focus surrounded by pillowy soft blur and a heaping helping of bokeh. Even Lensbaby admits it’s not for everyone. But, the results are unlike any other creative lenses I’ve personally test-driven!

It’s available for every major camera brand, including Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Pentax.


Lensbaby Sol 45 for Sony E

  • 45mm fixed f/3.5 Selective Focus Lens
  • Creative Bokeh Blades add creative effects and texture
  • 8.5º of tilt and center-focus locking ability
  • Focuses from 14inches to Infinity
  • 46mm Filter Threads

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Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15″ (v2)

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Of course, the gear bag you choose is almost as important as what goes in it. When I first tested Peak Design’s original Everyday Messenger bag, I absolutely loved it. It was the most handsome, best-designed, most durable such bag I’d ever tested.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger (interior)

Peak Design Everyday Messenger (interior)

Peak Design recently returned with a reboot of the original that basically started it all for them. I’m happy to report the Everyday Messenger v2 is every bit as awesome as its predecessor. Plus, it’s been upgraded with a luggage pass-through on the rear panel, better FlexFold dividers to keep your gear organized, more durable fabric throughout, and a better weatherproofing treatment on the exterior. Seriously, I can’t recommend this bag more highly!

If the messenger bag format isn’t your thing, the Everyday Line is also available in a backpack, a sling, and a tote.

Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera

Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera

Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera

Sure, an actual camera seems a curious choice for a list of “best travel photography accessories.” But, for most photographers, this is likely to be a quirky add-on to their primary photography gear kit.

If you’re “of a certain age,” the name Polaroid no doubt elicits tinges of vintage photographic nostalgia. The days of snapping photos on some of the world’s first instant cameras, then impatiently waiting for them to develop in your hand were so damn fun.

Polaroid gets this, which is why they’ve brought back their iconic instant camera. The all-new Polaroid Pop 2.0 Instant Print Digital Camera is just like those instant cameras of your (well, at least my) childhood. But, the company wisely added all the latest tech bells and whistles including a touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi, and 1080p HD video capability. With clever ZINK Zero Ink technology, photos print flawlessly and even feature the iconic, oversized white Polaroid border. Now, you can paper your fridge with all those amazing snapshots that would otherwise be “wasted” on Instagram.

Polaroid POP 2.0 – 20MP Instant Print Digital Camera w/3.97” Touchscreen Display, Built-In Wi-Fi, 1080p HD Video, ZINK Zero Ink Technology & NEW App – Prints 3.5” x 4.25” Classic Border Photos – Blue

  • 20MP Instant Print Digital Camera Lets You Snap 3.5″ x 4.25″ Pictures & Print On the Spot with Iconic Polaroid Border
  • No Printer, Computer or Ink Required
  • Use the Super Intuitive 3.97″ Touchscreen= Display to Frame & Shoot Everything from Fantastical Landscapes to Flattering Selfie
  • No More Shaking & Flapping Waiting for Faces to Appear! Zero Ink Technology Prints Vibrant Color Photos with Plenty of Room to Get Creative
  • Unleash Your Imagination & Customize Your Memories with Pretty Filters, Fun Borders, Silly Stickers, Emoji’s, Captions & Other Flair

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What do you think are the best travel photography accessories of 2019? What bits of kit can’t you travel without?

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AxisGO Water Housing Is an Affordable Way to “Underwater-ify” Your iPhone

Digital cameras are expensive. And a proper underwater digital camera kit is often out of reach for the average traveler.

But, smartphone cameras are a whole lot more affordable. And, now a proper underwater smartphone kit is attainable for even the most budget of budget travelers.

AxisGO water housing is a purpose-built system for “underwater-ifying” your iPhone X. Here’s everything you need to know about it, and why you should consider buying it if you’re a budding underwater photographer or videographer.

AxisGO Water Housing for iPhone – Review

AxisGO X Waterproof Housing for iPhone X

AxisGO X Waterproof Housing for iPhone X

The Skinny

So what is it exactly? Well, according to the manufacturer, the AxisGO water housing for iPhone is:

… the ultimate Smartphone Imaging System. Designed to protect your iPhone from the harshest weather conditions, while offering the freedom to safely capture those special moments underwater. Capture beautiful images and stunning video with ease, then share instantly with full touchscreen sensitivity. AxisGO allows image capture with the phone’s native camera app, plus access to all your favorite applications. Confidently shoot at depths down to 33 feet (10 meters) with the peace of mind knowing your iPhone is safe inside the AxisGO.

Or we could just show you like so …

The Traveler’s Take

To be clear, the AxisGO water housing isn’t the first and only such underwater iPhone case on the market. But, from what I can tell, it’s one of the best designed. The feature set is incredibly solid for photographers who are looking for something more than just a way to waterproof their iPhone.

The latest AxisGo housing includes:

  • Functional touchscreen membrane
  • Interchangeable Lens port
  • Robust top and bottom mounting brackets
  • Pistol Grip kit
  • Professional quality accessory lenses
  • Optical glass
  • Anti-reflective and hydrophobic glass coatings

There are plenty of dirt-cheap “me-too” iPhone accessories available online. But, we’re not especially keen on trusting our near-thousand-dollar smartphone investment to a $30 “underwater” case. The brains behind AxisGO, AquaTech Imaging Solutions, have been designing and manufacturing waterproof sport housings for 20 years.

With that in mind, the AxisGO housing is constructed of ultra-durable materials like polycarbonate and machined aluminum. The combination of the two provides extraordinary impact resistance, rigidity, strength, and UV stability. Basically, it’s designed to take a beating and virtually anything your adventurous life on the road might throw at it.

AxisGO X Waterproof Housing for iPhone X (Rear)

AxisGO X Waterproof Housing for iPhone X

From a practical standpoint, I love that the format feels more like a traditional point-and-shoot camera in your hand than any other comparable case we’ve seen. All of your phone’s functionality remains completely accessible with the case attached. This includes full touchscreen control (swiping, tapping, and pinching) and making/receiving calls.

Every element and accessory of the AxisGO relies on optically clear glass with anti-reflective, hydrophobic coatings to ensure the highest image quality. It’s designed to perfectly match the iPhone’s native camera lenses. And the results are pretty damn sweet:

The base AxisGO waterproof housing works great as a standalone solution for adventurous travelers. But, their lineup of optional accessories really lets you take things to the next level:

All-in, it approaches the usability and versatility of a professional underwater photography kit at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing & Availability for AxisGO Water Housing

The base AxisGo water housing comes in Tactical Green, Sunset Orange, and Seashell White, and retails for USD $249 direct from AquaTech.

That price tag includes a quality neoprene bag, lanyard, and a maintenance kit.

AxisGO iPhone X Waterproof Professional Photo and Video Case (33ft/10m) for Surfing Swimming Snorkeling, Black

  • Waterproof Case fits iPhone X. Functional touchscreen, interchangeable lens port, robust top and bottom mount and superior audio quality
  • Single button locking mechanism, use phone’s native camera app with access to both the front and rear facing cameras
  • Two volume controls built from marine grade stainless steel, these allow for image capture at depths up to 33 feet (10 meters). Designed to use an interchangeable optically correct lens port system.
  • Designed to protect your phone from the harshest weather conditions, while offering the freedom to safely capture those special moments while maintaining control of your phone’s screen and functions.
  • AxisGO is the total package for aspiring to professional water photographers and videographers

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