Unexpected Edmonton: 10 things you didn’t know

Edmonton, a Canadian town fairly as yet not known to a lot of outside that great vast nation, especially when versus the mighty beasts of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Yet, Edmonton is one of the concealed gem kind of metropolitan areas that united states travel-folks like to find out!

Once I was invited regarding the Travel Hack visit to Edmonton I jumped within chance to see someplace new with very little preconception about the spot. Often this is certainly my favourite option to travel – simply hop in with both feet to see what happens.

My only familiarity with the town ended up being that’s had been based in the stunning province of Alberta plus it ended up being reasonably near to the Rockies mountain range.

In a matter of several hours of landing in Edmonton I realised there was a lot more on money town of Alberta.

Edmonton is full of shocks. It really is those types of towns where in actuality the more you learn about it the more you feel fascinated with it. I discovered it to be really a charming town and may effortlessly have invested much longer there.

Listed Here Are are just some of what amazed me personally about Edmonton…

1. The foodie scene

Our first dinner in Edmonton is at the super-hip Uccellino, an Italian restaurant centering on stripped back, truthful and rustic food. We sampled the Pollo Al Mattoon (chicken cooked under a stone) which was heavenly. That set the bar for the remaining trip where we sampled amazing food at Taste of Edmonton meals festival, Range path Dinner at Prairie Gardens, as well as other lovely restaurants into the city. Edmontonians LOVE their meals and there are plenty of cuisines available.


2. Independent businesses/entrepreneurial character

There was fantastic entrepreneurial character about Edmonton with separate organizations springing up all around us. We’d the honour of spending some time with one super-inspiring entrepreneur Kendall, from footwear company Poppy Barley. We were treated to breakfast and company speak to Kendall whom shared the story of establishing an ethical retail company and how Edmonton had been the best place to nurture their brand.


3. Vintage shopping

Edmonton is a haven for classic shopping. We enjoyed a day of strolling round the Old Strathcona and Whyte Avenue area, nipping into classic shops and boutiques. If my baggage allowance i’d like to I could completely purchase ALL OF THE THINGS.


4. Minimal taxes on that shopping

Alberta doesn’t have provincial sales tax and only 5% products and services tax in order that means some very nice shopping to be enjoyed! Hit up North America’s largest mall for spending.

5. Parkland as well as an outside mindset

Edmonton hosts the the North Saskatchewan River Valley areas system that will be the largest urban parkland in united states. Filled with lakes, ravines and even several campsites. You can find trails, tennis courses not to mention, all weather tasks from biking in summer time, to cross-country skiing in the wintertime. Team Travel Hack sampled a segway and bicycle trip along among the river trails therefore had been stunning.

6. Festival enthusiasts

It’s impractical to have a space in your week-end diary with the sheer number of festivals in Edmonton. Their Fringe Festival could be the 2nd largest in the world after Edinburgh’s. it is also home to folk festivals, heritage days, and regular festivities.


7. Canada’s 3rd sunniest town

On average, Edmonton experiences about 2,300 hours of sunlight annually. Whenever we visited in July we were happy to see gloriously long, summery days. I became struck by just how dreamy and golden the light was at Edmonton. It made for such beautiful photographs. On further investigation I found out that Edmonton is the northernmost town in the united states.

8. Northern Lights

Edmonton is also house to some spectacular spots to see the north Lights. The Aurora Borealis is spotted only a short drive from the town if you’re fortunate.

9. Bison enjoyable

Nearby Elk Island is neither an island nor solely home to elk. Instead, this park is mainly a sanctuary and conservation area for wild bison. In fact, once we learned on our tour associated with facilities, this place ended up being instrumental in saving bison from extinction. And being home to bison you can even spot moose, deer, beaver, lynx and coyote. We took a canoe watercraft visit to spot a few of the 250 bird types that live on Elk Island along side marvelling on striking scenery.

lake Elk Island

10. Industrial city turned cultural

In a way, Edmonton reminded me personally of Birmingham, my current hometown in britain. Birmingham has this unwarranted negative perception from the remaining country to be an overly industrial, concrete monstrosity with no character and without tradition.

In reality, Birmingham AND Edmonton are completely the alternative. Yes, both towns have an industrial element a long-history of commercial development. However with that brings a nascent entrepreneurial character we can see using the flourishing indie business scene in Edmonton. Plus, there exists a flourishing foodie scene and loads of social activities over summer and winter.

Edmonton, like Birmingham, is losing its commercial image and revealing it self to be quirky, creative, and fun city to consult with. With regular festivals, hundreds of restaurants plus stunning landscape to explore, you’d be pushed to not find such a thing to interest you.


I would personally love to head back to explore Edmonton further, it is the kind of city that puts you at ease and truly makes you feel just like you’re on holiday.

Thank you to Explore Edmonton for sharing the delights with this lovely city.